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  • With us You save your Money – Effort – Time
  • Technical support and free trainning
  • Guarantee for two years
  • Our products made in germany and italy
  • Our clients are biggest factories like: Mcv, Al Araby Toshiba, GM, Ezz steel, Crystal Asfour, ….

About us

We are pleased to welcome you to our site, which we strive to update and include all the information and services is an institution set up to trade of the most important strategic objectives of interest and needs of industrial customers alike through the provision of specialized products in metal cutting and the development of industrial technology. We work as a team through the various sectors of our three continents and conduct pilot projects in these countries.

Our main goal is to expand our customer base in the region through effective strategic market presence. We believe in team work in various sectors of our satisfaction that the needs of our customers is

the key to achieve our ambitions within the region. We also believe that achieving this will only be achievable through the provision of products and services of high quality side by side with the provision of the latest methods of manufacturing and production in the world. Factories that produce high quality products, thanks to our product line, which is the latest in the world.

The achievement of our strategic manufacturing high quality products and also provide specialized services to our customers will only be achieved through the achievement of high added value for our customers and thus achieve mutual interest between the parties.